And then there was Peet Caliber... Son of Elohim. Preaching wisdom, Practicing sin, and lounging in brimstone daily. Far from perfect but a perfect example. I bleed hip hop and red stuff. Over a decade cranking out gems but your here for that new WERK, DIG! Latest gems may or may not be downloadable FREE of charge but show some love,


Altered State/Walking Dead (2018): Tis the season of Treason. More of like opening minds, dedicated to those who proudly place those "Lets Make America Great Again" bumper stickers, the 4th branch of government, and to those that see the poor as a mere vote. Beyond the television, beyond the youtube, beyond faith - LIES the TRUTH. Get it, Your no different then the one you hate the most fam. And this was Pre-Trump as well. Call me Cali-adamus! Peace to my brother DJ Zeack on the cuts and production. PURCHASE: ASKOUNIVERSITY.BANDCAMP

Mike Mic x Bori Puro x Peet Caliber - Wake Up to the Reality (2018): My MNR brothers after a long minute resting the MIC, why not. We approach 2018 like it was 1995 spitting at the lunch table. Bullying the composition til INFINTI && BEYOND.

Full Klip - The Reject THEORY (2018): Dope EP collective between myself, Mickey Boston, and Drematik XL. Dipped in 90's flavoring, witty lyricism, and supreme SKILLZ SON. There is so much content in the wordplay, that WOW factor is on another level!

Off the Reject Theory, What I love most about these records was how everything geled. Gave you that Gangstarr meets 2018 vibe. This was randomly picked, take a listen to Air Jordanz or maybe let us crack ya brain with Blind Earz! Peep it!

All Coasters x Peet Caliber - Cocaine Rome (2017): Uncut savagery. This was produced by Rocwell, co-ripped by my brother Mickey Boston. Busy year between me and the homey, PEEP that fuego lineup SON!

x Luv Jones - Ello Adorable (2014)
x Newstalgia - Pedro Pedro (2012)
x T-Mos - HeavyMetalJackets ft. Tupac (2012)
x Ill Tal - FullTime Preach (2012)
x MindsOne - NJ Giant 3.5 (2014)
x DJ Premier - RealityCheck 3.5 (2014)
x 9th Wonder - TapWater (2011)
x 9th Wonder - Your Bassinet (2011)
x The Alchemist - Closing Arguments ft. Carlito Brigante (2011)
x Clinton Place- PoorMans' Blues (2011)
x Brix- In Cals World (2011)
x Marca Registrada - Deja de Llorar ft. Mago Real (2012)
x J1K - Ya tu Sabe ft. Melo Malo Paulino (2013)
x Just Blaze - Streets Is Watching (Where Im From) (2010)
x Mr Stroke - Victorious (2012)
x Ill Clinton - Chasing Chazzers (2013)
x Mekz Uno - The Product ft. Ic Flair (2012)
x ReddTune - Therapeutic Savagery (2013)
x Boon Mayfield- 38 Special Cyph ft. Big Lou, Bori Puro, & PH RIP (2012)
x Boon Mayfield - AntiFEKA ft. 5Star & Adezeta (2012)

x Anno Domini - Infantry Musik (2009)
x Zotas - Life of a Stranger (2014)
x Zotas - Northern Alliance ft. Spictacular (2014)
x Zotas - Fuck la Industria (2013)
x Zotas - 88Octane ft. Jumastayl (2012)
x Arze Kareem - Preachers Song ft. Hector Lavoe (2011)
x Arze Kareem - WisdomTooth (2011)
x Arze Kareem - Many Came, Many Left 3.5 (2014)
x Arze Kareem - Cal Rip'Kinz (2011)
x JDILLA - Disrespectful (2012)
x JDILLA - Yeah ft. 5Star (2010)
x JDILLA - R.U Listening ft. 5Star (2010)
x JDILLA - Wild ft. 5Star (2010)
x JDILLA - Nouns and Verbs (2011)
x JDILLA - ClassWars:Andromeda (2011)
x Mike Black - Interlude (2012)
x Mike Black - Passion of Mics ft. Jobe (2012)
x Mike Black - Politrix ft. Malcom X (2012)
x Mike Black - Yesterday & Tomorrow (2012)
x Mike Black - Latin Sweetheart (2012)
x Mike Black - Faith & Prayer (2012)
x Mike Black - Loveless ft. F.O.U.R (2012)
x Mike Black - Pay Homage (2011)
x Sephiroth - Til Death (2009)
x Mike Mic - You All Alone ft. Bori Puro & Poe Rilla (2012)
x - Renegades ft. Bori Puro & Spictacular (2013)
x - Murder on the Beat ft. Bori Puro & Street Souls (2012)
x Anno Domini - Cant Take It ft. Bori Puro & Charles Bronxson (2013)
x Mike Mic - Bori Puro in Hiz Panik ft. Joell Ortiz, Seis, & Peet Caliber (2012)
x Skrazey - Its a Latin Thing ft. Spictacular (2011)
x - Something to Say ft. Spictacular (2013)
x - Metaphysikz (2009)
x - Sample (2011)